Friday, March 11, 2005


Source [noun]: A point of origin
Sink [noun]: A point of dissipation

As the byline indicates this blog should probably be taken as an exercise in ego and self importance, if anything, though I have pretentions that it might be taken as a source of enlightenment for some rare individuals (and perhaps myself as well), while also being a sink of their (and my) time.

Enough of the introduction. On with the show.

For you sticklers out there: this is not high enough on my list of priorities to fight my aging keyboard and careless fingers by rooting out every last typographical error. If you can't read over stupid little errors like that go read something else.

I hereby give fair warning: if you send me something that is stupid and annoying enough (defind by my state of mind and/or indigestion at the time I see it) you should expect me to use this open forum to quote you and mercilessly ridicule you. Make sure you have a sufficiently thick skin before you exhibit the type of bad manners so rampant on the web these days.